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Software development


We develop customized software for your machine.

This means that we are extremely flexible with regard to control systems.

Our software is available in the classical languages LED, FBD, CFC, Graph and Ladder Logic.

Of course, we essentially use the modern SCL and ST languages.


We attach utmost importance to clearly structured, documented and versioned software.


Conceptual design


A clear machine concept is required in order to design the engineering processes as efficiently as possible.

To achieve this, we complement your engineering team in the control technology sector.

The consequences are defined in central qualities of the automation tasks such as

  • control and drive systems

  • applied field bus systems

  • necessary functions

  • interfaces to other systems / external devices

  • arrangement of decentral periphery

  • quality control




We integrate external systems into your control environment.

External systems can include

  • robots

  • labeling systems, leaflet dispensers

  • checkweighers and measuring systems

  • interfaces for data collection

  • visual testing systems



The world is full of surprises and that’s the way we like it!

But when software contains too many surprises, chaos and inefficiency can be the result.


We offer modular, configurable software.

This is the only way to ensure that your machine will start operation quickly and efficiently.

Your service personnel receive training on standard modules.

Standardized modules ensure that your system remains updateable and expandable.




We have years of experience in mechanical engineering and have implemented a whole range of processes.

 This is the solid basis on which we provide our commissioning services.

 These services can involve:

  • commissioning of entire control system

  • drives

  • field bus systems and interfaces

  • external devices




We help you in the event of any failure.

Control system errors can have all sorts of causes.

They are often not easy to localize.

It might make sense to change your program in such a manner that any such errors no longer occur in the future

or that at least the errors are displayed clearly.

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