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Allgäuer Wirtschaftsmagazin | Release 6 2021

Report from Stephan Greiter Automation:

 - Trak vs Honda CB450 -

(only available in german)


Requalification as B&R Qalified Partner Deutschland

byJohann Lang, Leader B&R Bavaria.


Allgäuer Wirtschaftsmagazin | Release 4 2020

Report from Stephan Greiter Automation:

 - Ein "Handwerk" in starkem Wandel -

(only available in german)


About us

Stephan Greiter Automation from Bavaria is your competent contact partner for any concerns involving

industrial control technology.

We are committed to developing the optimum software for your product.

We rely on over 20 years’ background experience not only in special and series machine engineering but also in the robotics industry.

We are specialized in B&R, Rockwell Automation control systems and conventional PLC platforms according to IEC61131-3 standards.

Optimization by reduction

What is our motivation?


Ideas are our incentive for innovation. If it was “always customary” to build a machine in a certain manner, it doesn’t mean there is no alternative!


Let us implement new ideas for you and experience the advantages they implicate.


Control technology is extremely diverse and almost anything is conceivable …


Benefit from added value!

Software is a key component on any machine or installation and is something modern production processes can no longer do without.


Hence, it is essential to define the functionality of software during the projecting phase.


How can your machine be most efficient?

Which qualities are of top priority?

Do you want to install mechanical gears or rather place emphasis on electronic cam discs in order to secure smooth batch changeovers …?


These are the exciting challenges we want to meet!

Software must meet with the requirements of a wide range of target groups.


As far as a machine manufacturer is concerned, software needs to be configurable and modular to enable the machinery to start operating quickly and problem-free.


An operator concentrates on the operating elements and status information that are important for his/her everyday work.


A technician focuses on the ability to call up all machine parameters in order to be able to eliminate disturbances as fast as possible.

Optimally, software has an impact when wear limits are reached and a failure is imminent.


For a production planner, it is possibly more important to see how long a machine takes to process a batch …


It’s not the most complex solution that’s the best, but the one that satisfies all demands!

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